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Online Reputation Management in Sri Lanka

They use our long ORM experience to create strategies that help monitor, build and protect brand image for companies and individuals that become targets of online smear campaigns.

We have the firepower to knock the wind out of any such attack emanating from anywhere.Before long, these online predators run out of gas and step aside.

While our online reputation management services can help you control the damage through a combination of strategic tools, the solution will often lie in a close examination of the problem at hand. No agency or reputation consultancy can offer protection without adequate information.

We pride ourselves on our inside-out reputation management approach that helps you become it to see what as.

As part of our Online Reputation Management program, we offer four basic services:

Reputation Monitoring: We use a combination of tools and patented techniques to keep you updated on your online reputation wins and concern areas. Reputation Building: We provide consultancy and support for creating and implementing a long-term reputation strategy.

This includes building corporate assets such as blogs, profiles, and forums that improve communication and engagement with relevant communities. Reputation Safeguarding: We work with you to second guess the proverbial chinks in the armor and create contingency plans if something was to go wrong.

Reputation Repair: In times of trouble, we offer innovative, out-of-the-box solutions in the form of a customized roadmap that helps you reconnect with customers and rebuild the lost trust.

With jobs scarce, let alone stable jobs, scores of smart and capable folks are redefining their careers and destinies. They are taking the self-employment route to success and are securing their futures with sustainable online enterprises.

Many are becoming resellers. Yes, reselling is where the future is and reselling Digital Marketing Services is one of the most rewarding online enterprises. All you need is a computer with Internet connection and a few hours on the net every day.

Every organized business, worth its salt, is intent on making its presence felt in the online marketplace. This has resulted in an exponential growth of the online market, opening exciting opportunities for digital marketing service providers among others. So, partner us to provide seamless and highly effective services to your clients.

Are you on the threshold of letting go a lucrative, long term SEO / SMO / ORM project involving enormous resources that doesn’t make the project look viable to you? Relax. You’ve just made the first right move by landing at the right place. Yes, you’re now learning about a company that offers the perfect blend of economy and scale.

To begin with, we’re managing processes involving multiple resources in terms of infrastructure, personnel, and expertise backed by our long experience. So, what is it that allows us to make perfect business sense where most others either fear treading or lose out no sooner than when they venture into such projects?

Simple as it may sound but the key to our success is our focus.We can focus on just what we’re expected to deliver and not speculate on distractions like snatching businesses from our partners. We’re happy to pace our growth as per our ethical standards and in the spirit of our agreement with our partners.

How it works

If your client requires a single assignment to be delivered, do not worry. We offer you the option to outsource single, small assignments with fast turnaround times. They outsource many such one off assignments by companies that fall short of relevant expertise in a specific area.

They design our deliverable in a way that allows you to neat pick the specific assignment you want to outsource. Besides, our quality and rates are highly competitive even for one of assignments.

From our range of services you can easily beat pick the specific services for the process you want us to deliver. Alternately, if you feel that, you need guidance and expert advice on how you want it to service your client, you can bank on us to design the most optimum process for your client.

We have the expertise and personnel to offer you a highly efficient team that can deliver exactly what your client needs. The range of our services offers the flexibility to design optimum processes and set up teams to deliver those services efficiently.